The Hand That Moyes Was Dealt: Why He is Not to Blame

We have all had fun poking at Manchester United fans with their team experiencing one of their worst seasons in years. It is unusual to see them completely out of the title race and even more unusual to see them out of Europe altogether. The focal point of all the blame has been David Moyes, a manager with more experience managing a top-flight Premier League club than most of the league put together. With a world of experience, why was he doomed to fail? Continue reading

In Defense of Fernando Torres

This is in direct response to Sam Smith’s article on Chelsea lacking a striker. A lot of criticism has gone around directed at Fernando Torres but it is not justified. I am not going to claim that Torres is the greatest striker in the universe but the criticism he has received is completely unfair.

The “Consistent Striker” Argument

Who was the last Chelsea striker to knock in 20 League goals in consecutive seasons? No, it was not Drogba. Drogba never did. It was Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink. The most annoying argument has always been the Drogba argument. People always chose to overlook the fact that he only scored 20+ goals twice in his 8 year career at Chelsea. What they overlook now is that Chelsea had Lampard banging them in with incredible consistency to shadow the fact that Drogba was not scoring goals. Continue reading

At Chelsea, the reality of life without a striker begins to set in

Third place was always the smart bet for a team in transition; Torres and Eto’o are well past the point where they can contribute to an elite side

ALERT: If you’re a big Fernando Torres fan, you probably shouldn’t read any further.

For Chelsea Nation, today was disappointing.


The thing is, while I have enjoyed how well the Blues have played this year, not for a second have I thought they were likely to win the Prem (unless the other top sides simply handed it to them). I said before the year that the Blues were probably a third place team, and right now, with six games left, that prediction is probably the smart bet. Continue reading

England’s Struggles Hurting Chelsea

Chelsea play Galatasaray and find themselves in a very familiar position of holding the hopes of Premier League success in Europe. For a few years now it has become the duty of Chelsea to represent the Premier League as the only team competing for European honors. This did not change this season either.

Premier League Teams in Europe

Manchester City 0-2 Barcelona
Olympiacos 2-0 Manchester United
Arsenal 0-2 Bayern Munich
Dnipro 1-0 Tottenham
Swansea City 0-0 Napoli Continue reading

How Much Chelsea Swag Do You Have?

I’m Sam, and I’m a Chelsea fan.

Hi Sam!

It all started innocently enough, with a home blue strip. Then there was a scarf. Next thing you know I was dealing with a full-blown addiction. Probably I’m not the only guy with more Blues gear than I can really make a rational case for, and the other day I found myself counting. How much Chelsea merchandise do I have, anyway?

Here’s the inventory, not counting keychains (1), snow globes (1), flags and banners and the like. Continue reading

Juan Mata transfer wrap-up: Chelsea picks Manchester United’s pocket

United must have the worst negotiators in football history.

ME: I have a proposition for you. I have this car I bought three years ago. But then I bought a couple of others I like better. I never drive it anymore and, to be honest with you, I’m never going to. Even worse, it’s costing me a fortune every month to keep it in storage. It’s a great car – seriously, it’s one of the hottest cars in town. Sleek, stylish, high performance. Chicks dig it, too. But nobody else wants it for some reason. And man, am I desperate for cash. The ex is bleeding me dry on alimony.

Tell you what, I paid $50,000 for it. I’ll let you have it for $100,000, cash on the barrelhead.

YOU: Really? SHWEET!

Seriously? Which one of these guys are you, anyway?

David Moyes and Avram Glazer - Dumb and Dumber

David Moyes and Avram Glazer Star in Dumb and Dumber

Continue reading

Scouting Report: Nemanja Matic

Nemanja Matic (Estimated Cost: £21m, Market Value: £22.45m) 25 Years old: Left-footed Defensive Midfielder

Strengths: The first thing people notice about Matic is his size. Standing 6’4″, Matic will be Chelsea’s biggest player upon arrival (with the exception of goalkeepers). He adds serious muscle to the midfield as he will also be one of Chelsea’s strongest players in the squad. His size and strength are not his best ability though – he is known for being a superior playmaker from the middle of the pitch. Matic led Benfica in accurate long balls, showing a great passing range. Other strong qualities include a high defensive work rate, above average ball possession skills, an aggressive defensive mentality and the ability to win the ball back. Matic is arguably one of the most well-rounded defensive midfielders in the entire world. Continue reading

Where Are They Now? The 09/10 FA Youth Cup Winners

Full of potential and full of promise, the 2009/10 Chelsea FA Youth Cup winning squad was Chelsea’s first youth team to win the title since the 1960 and 1961 team that included future Chelsea stars Ron Harris, Bobby Tambling, Peter Bonetti and Terry Venables. They followed it up the next season by winning the reserve league a year later. Despite this incredible crop of talent, none of the players have left their mark on the first team.

First Team

Sam Walker-GK (22): Colchester United

Plucked from Millwall’s academy, Walker looked to be a promising talent, allowing just three goals the entire tournament. Continue reading

Revisiting Alex Kiwomya – Two Years Later

About two years ago Alex Kiwomya burst onto the scene for Chelsea’s youth academy, scoring at will while managing to be one of the youngest players on the team. His impressive displays caught my eye and I posted this about his potential.

Two years later he has not progressed quite as some might have expected. He has one cap at the U18 level for England but he has mostly been forgotten about, despite some impressive performances. One problem is that he has been getting overlooked in a youth team full of stars including Lewis Baker, Ruben Loftus-Cheek and John Swift. Continue reading